Different Type of Oncology

Different Type of Oncology Photo

Oncology is the branch of helpful science which oversees study and prescriptions of tumors. Oncologists may disconnect on the commence of the sort of treatment provided for treat the danger. Sub-nuclear oncology is the examination of investigation of threat and tumor cell at its sub-nuclear cell. The audit incorporates techniques stretching out from genomics, tumor imaging, computational science, et cetera. Radiation oncology is treatment with radiation, a system called radiotherapy. Surgical oncology is the branch of oncology which deals with the surgery associated with oncology. Gynecologic oncology is spotlights on different developments of the female regenerative system.

Molecular Oncology
Cellular Oncology
Clinical Oncology
Veterinary Oncology
Veterinary Oncology
 Radiation Oncology
Gynecology Oncology
Hematology Oncology
Nursing Oncology
Psycho oncology
Hepatic oncology
Pediatric Hematology Nursing

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